Get Involved: Volunteer

IMTAL is an all-volunteer organization that depends on the dedication and commitment of its members and leaders in order to exist. Consider donating some of your time to a cause you believe in – theatre in museums!

Conference volunteers
Volunteers are always needed at IMTAL conferences and events and at the AAM Annual Meeting. If you have some time to spare, contact the IMTAL Vice President to help out!

Join a Committee
Have some time to do a little data-entry? A little research? Make a few phone calls? Whether it’s the magazine, the annual conference, the website, or a brand new idea, join one of IMTAL’s member committees to help us get some of the work done!

Run for the Board (they are all volunteer positions!)
Elections for the IMTAL Board are held every year.  Check out the Leadership Opportunities page for details, then nominate yourself for the position that suits you best. We’d love to have you and it’s really the most fun you’ll ever have!

Help out a fellow member
As is true in all museums, IMTAL’s members could often use additional help with their projects – maybe an extra pair of hands at a special event, maybe another set of eyes at a rehearsal, or an extra stopwatch during an evaluation study. If you’re willing to help out other members in your area, let them know! (See the Connect page for ideas to meet other IMTAL members.)

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