AAM Los Angeles

AAM Annual Meeting 2010: Los Angeles, CA

May 23 - 26, 2010


For IMTAL Recap from the AAM Annual Meeting 2010 with photos, click here.

Museum Theatre Showcase was a huge hit!

IMTAL  hosted a series of lunchtime performances on the central stage in the Museum Expo.

The 2010 IMTY Award Goes to the Senior Staff of the Science Museum of Minnesota!

The Board of IMTAL recognizes the importance of decision makers to the future of museum theatre. The IMTY award was established to recognize CEOs or Senior Staff members who have shown strong support for museum theatre.  Joe Imholte, Director of Special Exhibits, will accept the award at the IMTAL Luncheon at the 2010 AAM annual meeting in Los Angeles. The senior staff of the Science Museum of Minnesota have supported museum theatre for over three decades. The museum's leadership recognizes that museum theatre engages museum visitors in a personally relevant experience, providing a pathway for life-long museum patronage and nurturing the role of museums as a community meeting place.  It takes the entirety of museum leadership to sustain a successful museum theatre program.  IMTAL is proud to honor Joe Imholte and the Senior Staff of the Science Museum of Minnesota!  


IMTAL Luncheon

IMTAL hosts a luncheon at AAM each year to provide networking opportunities for new and existing members and other interested parties and to discuss current topics in museum theatre. The IMTY award is also presented during the luncheon. Please plan to make it a part of your AAM schedule! (Advance purchase of tickets through AAM is required.)


IMTAL Board Meeting

The IMTAL Board meeting held at AAM is open to any current IMTAL member that is interested in attending. For information (and to let us know if you're planning to attend) please contact Simone Mortan, IMTAL President.


EdCom Marketplace of Ideas

IMTAL typically hosts a booth at EdCom's Marketplace of Ideas to spread the word about museum theatre. Volunteers to work at the booth are always needed! If interested, please contact Simone Mortan, IMTAL President.


IMTAL suggests the following sessions at AAM:

Monday and Tuesday 8:00AM

Public Speaking Workshop

Wednesday 2:00PM-3:15PM

Bridging the Borders: Engaging Visitors in Global Issues Through Innovative Programming 

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